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Preparing for our Leak Detection Service

Calm Water

As a suggestion its a good idea to turn off waterfalls and fountains and see if the pool holds water better. The fountain picture is a “Sheer Descent” and can leak easily. Other rock waterfalls can be impossible to test.

Clean Pool

No green pools please- Good visibility is a must because our divers need to visually inspect every inch of the pool. Sometimes a pool gets so green that nothing can be done until the leak is fixed- let us know- we might suggest to let it drain a bit and see if it stops at a reasonable level.

We Love Animals

We love animals, but some dogs get overexcited with new people or want to run down the road as soon as the gate is opened. Please keep the dogs indoors. If you have a lawn service- help us avoid each other and schedule us for different days.

Incidentals :)

  • When you phone us, we like to use the computer and get a satellite view of your pool. Many of these pools we have already been to before, and some neighborhoods we know well. When we ask for your street address right away, its just to look up the location of the pool.

  • A day before the swimming pool repair appointment, please shut the pump off so the water is calm before we arrive; We have sensitive leak detection service instruments that need the water settled and not draining in from the filter. If you have a pool/spa try to take note if the water level stays full in the spa before the pump turns on in the morning.

  • In the winter our job becomes difficult; Heat the pool if you can; Some people are surprised to hear we will be swimming in the pool and it makes quite a difference if the pool is heated to a reasonable temperature. The average cost to run a heat pump is $60- $150 a month so on the high side it cost $5 a day to heat the pool. We do have insulated wet suits but they are tight fitting and difficult to take on and off for just a quick dive. Is there a particular time the sun shines best on the pool? let us know so we are not freezing in the shade.

  • Again, we normally dive every pool and visually look for every leak possible. Visibility is key and a clean pool is important, please tell us over the phone if the pool is green, we may still be able to help even if we can’t dive it.

  • Its hard to answer the phone underwater, but you can still text and send pictures. 251.504.6070 Include your name and address in the message.

  • We usually call when in route to your house 15 minutes before we arrive: We would like to meet you out back by the pool. Most jobs are scheduled for a 2 hour window. Major repairs are scheduled for another day.